Wednesday, 18 February 2015
Hi Guys!I know its been such a long time since I done my last post,but I've been having a bad last few months with health issues but now I'm on the road to recovery!Anyway to the main subject, today at 5am (after waking up randomly), I received the best news at that hour which ended up me not being able to sleep until 7am!So the announcement is.....I am now a Curly Ambassador for Curls Understood and I honestly cannot wait to be working with them!They are an amazing platform and here is a little bit about them from there website.You will find there site posted at the end of this blog:

Curls Understood™ is a platform that delivers inspiration and information to the natural hair community with a special focus on new naturals. Our mission is simple. We create and curate reliable content from around the web then organize it so you can get to what you need to know quickly"

Such a small paragraph yet it makes you want to know what else they do, and believe me they do a lot which benefit us all.Cannot wait to start working with them and I really hope you enjoy the posts in the future :)



Curls Understood



Welcome to my Blog!Whether your transitioning or are natural already, this blog was designed to help you.I'm based in the UK and some of the products will be UK only, rest assured I also order products internationally too, so this blog is for everyone :)
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